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Yola Perez

Cuban Artist (1987 -)

'Magical Island'  
Acrylic on Canvas

18 x 31 in.


Taller Galleria, Holguin, Cuba;

Zurich Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland (Spring, 2016).

The shimmering surface of Perez's delicate paintings derives from the application of numerous, thinly applied layers of color, which add transparency, depth and luminosity to the pictorial surface. The artist feels the need to find a place that can provide quietude and comfort, or 'tranquilidad', ie tranquility. The depiction of birch trees and small sparrows reveals the artists' belief in the importance of ecology and the need for dialogue between man and nature in order to live peacefully with each other.
Perez' monochromatic compositions are intricately etched out on a white background, and the canvas serves as sky,sea and land. There is a surrealist, dreamlike quality to her works, which draws the viewer into a magical space and allows him to partake of beauty and serenity of this peaceful island. The gentle movement of the birds' wings add an element of movement, as they soundlessly glide across the surface, adding an element of reality to this imaginary place.

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