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Suzanne Jue Wolff

French Artist (1884-1949)


Woman with Red Ribbon

Oil on canvas dated 1923,

13 x 16 in.


Wolff was born into a family of artists: her father was Director of the Sarah Bernhardt theater, then was Treasurer of the Ballets Russes.  Her mother had a dress shop, and her daughter frequently designed clothes for her models as well as for renown fashion magazines in Paris.    In 1907, Wolff become the student of neo-impressionist painter Ernest Laurent, catapulting  her to fame as a highly respected and prolific portrait painter.  She participated in numerous prestigious salons, including the highly selective Union des Femmes Peintres et Sculpteurs. 

Wolff uses a feathered brush strokes of soft tonalities that infuse the composition with animated vibrancy.  Her use of the bare canvas as color allows the delicate hues to float on the surface of the picture plane, as she creates texture and structure using diagonal brush movement.  A sense of light and immaterial freshness emerges from the artist’s virtuosic chromatic sense, as she engages the viewer by use of a direct yet unassuming glance full of emotional content.

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