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Vladimir Zh. Dzhaparov

Uzbeki Artist (1951-   )

'Autumn Landscape'

Oil on canvas

13 x 30 in.



dated 1995

Dzhaparov is an artist who benefited from professional training at Russian art academies while Uzbekistan was still part of the USSR.  His work has been exhibited in the Savitsky Museum, located in the steppes of central Asia.

His loose, gestural brushwork adds movement to the picturesque landscape and introduces an element of breezy spontaneity to the composition.  There is a light, immaterial freshness to the artist's chromatic sensitivities.  Dzhaparov's palette consists of nuanced, autumnal hues that weave into a luminous tapestry of golden tonalities against a steel blue sky.  Two lone figures who are enjoying a stroll through the woods animate the pictorial surface.

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