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IVictor Manuel Cancino

Mexican Artist (1929-   )

''Mexican Market Scene'

Oil on board

16 x 20 in,


In the market scene, a young boy is squatting on the ground, a bright orange scarf adding a note of color to the cooler tonalities of the composition.  The curve of his straw hat as well as of his forearms is echoed in the tubular shapes of the parcels at his feet, as well as in the rounded bodies of the crouching women selling their wares.  The immediacy of the scene as depicted in its foreshortened perspective, contributes to its spontaneity and naturalism, and the lack of communication between the figures adds an element of emotional intimacy and psychological insight in the eyes of the viewer.

Cancino’s body of work follows the tradition of the great Mexican muralists of the early XXth century, such as Orozco, Siquieros and Rivera in his desire to infuse political and social content in his compositions.  His ability to portray the everyday life of ordinary peasants in earth tonalities and unmodulated color appealed mostly to the uneducated masses who were able to identify with his art.

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