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Van Debetz

Born Gaston Bezard,

French Artist (1914-2000)

'Still Life with Apples' 
Oil on board

10 x 13 in.


This composition of fruit against a densely painted, undefined background has a highly textured quality to it due to the artist's use of the back of his brush and palette knife to incise contours and define form. The surface is richly impastoed with thick pigment, which adds texture to the pictorial surface, whereas the mysterious shadows cast by the fruit suggest spatial depth and sculptural volume.
Debetz was highly influenced by the still life compositions of Cezanne, an artist who countered the notion of painting being a 'window onto the world', and introduced modernism by flattening subject matter and representing form respecting the two
 dimensionality of the pictorial surface. Like Cezanne, Debetz integrated into his compositions certain elements of abstraction while maintaining a crucial balance between materiality and representation, between non objectivity and realism. 
His use of vibrant, luminous colors is inspired by the Ecole de Pont Aven, particularly the work of Gauguin, and the objects that he represents contain a definiteweight,mass
and volume. Their imposing presence gives them the ability to dominate the space in which they are placed, and their dense coloration adds an element of emotional intensity to the pictorial surface.

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