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Valery Sekret

Russian Artist (1950 -)

'Paris: View of the Louvre' 
Oil on canvas

19 x 27 in.


Sekret was born in Russia and started his art studies at the age of ten. He was accepted into the most prestigious art institute in the Soviet Union, the Sourikov Institute, where he studied drawing from 1973 to 1979. Sekret started to exhibit his works with the Artists' Union in 1970. He later participated in numerous exhibitions including 'The Soviet Union' held in 1940, ' Young Artists of the Soviet Union' in 1981, and the 'Graphic Artists of the Soviet Union' in 1986, all held in Moscow. 
He had his first
one man show in the Art and Historical Museum of Zagorsk in 1990, participated in an exhibition entitled 'Russian Artists of Yesterday and Today' at the Hotel Drouot in Paris in 1993, as well as in 'Russian Painting of the XX Century' and 'Russian Masters of Impressionism' in London in 1995. Other group shows include 'Russian and Ukranian Artists' shown in Madrid from 1997 to 2002, exhibitions at the Wally Findlay Gallery in Palm Beach and New York in 2000, and most recently a retrospective of his works at the Duran Gallery in Madrid in 2003.
Sekret's paintings are highly lyrical, reflecting the harmonious synthesis of composition, technique, and tonality that enlivens the picture surface. Although trained in the classical tradition of painting, his work is inspired by the founders of the Russian School of Realism in landscape painting.
His palette of bright and luminous hues
applied in short, rapid brush strokes adds movement to his canvases, and his depictions of the Seine, Parisian park scenes and animated street life are drenched with light and color.

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