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Jose Taggiasco

Italian Artist (XXth cent.)


'Fishing Boats against Daylight,' dated 1929

Oil on Wood Panel,

9.75 x 13.75 in. 


The figuration of three fishing boats diagonally placed on the water add a rhythm and structure within the composition, allowing the eye to move seamlessly across the richly impastoed pictorial surface.  The artist imbues a sense of deliberation in every brushstroke, finely balancing a palette of saturated blues, pinks and ochres that contrast brilliantly with the transparency of the water.

Taggiasco ‘s use of short brushstrokes that are applied one next to the other, and sometimes overlaid with dabs of thicker pigment, results in an irregular buildup of surface, serving to integrate figures and setting, and evoking the texture of the shoreline.  

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