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Marko Stupar

Bosnian Artist (1936-     )


'The Tuileries Gardens, Paris'

Oil on board,

17 x 27.5 in.



Museum of Modern Art, Paris; Museum of Belgrade.


Galerie Andre Roussard: Stupar, 2014

Born in what was once Yugoslavia, Stupar pursued his artistic studies at the Belgrade School of Fine Arts, and quickly moved to Paris where he immersed himself in the work of the Impressionist (Monet and Pissaro) and Nabis (Bonnard and Vuillard) painters.  He participated in the prestigious Salon d’Automne and the Salon des Artistes Francais where he was awarded the coveted Gold Medal in 1980.  His paintings have been exhibited around the world, in Dusseldorf, Osaka, Sarajevo, Zagreb, New York and Houston, where he received many distinguished prizes.

Stupar has developed a style that can be described as Slavic Post Impressionistic.  He uses a palette of warm and vibrant hues to create intimate and lyrical renditions of Paris.  The richly impastoed pictorial surface reveals his deep emotional attachment to his adopted city, whose lush gardens and animated streets are depicted in the cool shadows of winter snow as well as under the warm summer sunshine.  ‘I want to erase ugliness and misery from the face of the earth and transmit my love for humanity through my artwork.’

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