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Ruwan Prasanna 

Sri Lankan Artist (1980-   )


'Landscape XXXV,' dated 2016

Acrylic on canvas,

26 x 26 in. 


Prasanna studied at the Institute of Aesthetics and at the University of Kelaniya in Colombo, and is recognized around the world as one of the most sought after emerging artists in the Sri Lankan contemporary art field.

The artist's compositions incorporate vibrant colors and fluid brushstrokes on large canvases, while his vibrant brushwork which define forms and feelings are interconnected with nature and its innate beauty.  He invites the viewer to bask  amidst the vivid tonalities and interpretations of light, and his gestural practice and visual narrative evolve with intricacy and ease.  

He transitioned from a more figural approach to lyrical abstraction which are reminiscent of American painter Joan Mitchell's later works.  The chromatic intensity and modulation of tonalities imbues his work with a breezy spontaneity, and his gestural style of rapid, bravura brushwork adds rhythm and pulsating energy to the pictorial surface. 

Prasanna’s application of pure, highly saturated pigments creates a luminescent color cascade that suggests the immediacy and contemplative nature of the artist’s observations.



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