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Ricardo Rola

Spanish Artist XXth Century


'Two Horses'

Oil on wood

22.5 x 15 in.


The depiction of horses in Spanish art has its origins in XVIth century court paintings, and stretches right through to Picasso’s numerous renditions of acrobats atop their steeds. 

The horse is traditionally a symbol of nobility and grace, its strength and power second only to its beauty, it is emblematic of freedom.  The black horse is dark and mysterious, while the lighter one emanates hope and vitality.  Both complement each other and represent the forces of life and death.

Rola’s ability to transmit the vitality of these two steeds is derived from his strong sense of contrasting tonalities and vividly depicted form.  His horses embody the spiritual qualities of man, his determination and fears, his desire to conquer and his self-doubt.  The symbolism is powerful and pictorial in its rendition, from the strong color contrast between the foreground and the background to the luminosity emanating from the lacquered surface of the composition.   

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