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Albert Regagnon

French Artist (1874-1961)


'The Salat River near Santaroulle,' dated 1928

Oil on wooden panel,

1 3 x 18 in.



Schurr: Dictionnaire des Petits Maitres de la Peinture, Editions de l’ Amateur, 1996

Regagnon received many honors for his body of painting during his long and productive career, and exhibited regularly at the Paris Salons.  His radiant compositions echoed his admiration of the Barbizon painters, who concentrated on depicting lush, nuanced landscapes bathed with the soft, mysterious glow of sunlight.

The viewer is thrust onto the riverbank, whose rocky terrain is rendered in silvery tonalities that contrast with the luminous transparency of the water.  The shady foreground gives way to a bright, hilly background of saturated ochres and luminescent greens, applied with looser, more painterly brushwork.  The application of short dabs of color applied side by side contributes to the irregular buildup of the pictorial surface, evoking both the texture as well as the serenity this meditative composition.                                                                   

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