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Pierre Farge

French Artist (1878-1947)


'Sacre-Coeur, Montmartre'

Oil on Canvas

17.5 x 24 in.


Farge started exhibiting his works in Paris at the Salon des Tuileries in 1930, and identified with the painters of the Ecole de Paris, a group of artists who had come to France in search of political, religious and artistic freedom. 

Among the artists who greatly influenced Farge were Maurice Utrillo and Le Douanier Rousseau, both of whom excelled in creating ‘naïve style’ in painting.  By flattening the picture surface and ignoring the tenets of classical perspective, Farge succeeded in creating an innocent, yet childlike view of the world.

Like Utrillo, Farge sought to depict the iconic monuments of Paris, like the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Notre Dame de Paris, the Invalides and the Arc de Triomphe.  He utilized muted tonalities consisting of grey, beige, brown and black, reflecting the hues of the Paris sky and adding intimacy and poetic feeling to his work.

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