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Pierre Edmond Peradon 

Born into a comfortable bourgeois home, Peradon had the luxury of enjoying his artistic career without the necessity of selling his paintings.   He spent much of his time writing poetry and socializing with members of various art circles within Paris, and exhibited his artwork in the major salons as well as the Galerie Gerbe in Paris in 1925 and 1930.

His paintings are very poetic and lyrical in nature, and their structure as well as color palette owe much to Cezanne.  His works are composed of thin layers of oil paint that are diluted and applied in flat brushstrokes to the canvas, creating a luminous and harmonious pictorial surface.  The ethereal quality of his works is due to a limited but cohesive color scheme,  as well as the absence of apparent brushstrokes, both of which contribute to  rendering of a highly atmospheric  effect to the composition.

Peradon’s ondulating French landscape owes much to Cezanne in his choice of earth tonalities and simplification of form, yet it is highly lyrical and poetic in rendition.   The sinuous river snakes its way through the valley, leading to a majestic mountain range that reaches upwards towards a luminous sky.   

 French Artist (1893 - 1981)

'River in the Alsatian Valley' 
Oil on panel

14.5 x 22.5 in.



Alain Calonne, Pierre-Edmond Peradon, Ed. Valeurs de l'Art, 1994.

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