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Moungthai Busamaro 

Thai Artist (1960 -)

'Seated Figure' dated 2003  
Oil on canvas

24 x 16.75 in.


Busamaro's contact with Western traditional art greatly influenced his work, with Fauvism impacting his use of vibrant, highly contrasted color, and Cubism pushing him towards flattening the pictorial surface and creating bold, geometric compositions. His luminous palette of adds movement and depth to his work, while the integration of sandy substances into his pigments adds texture and density to the painting.
Busamaro studied the traditions of ancient Buddhist art as depicted in Mandalas and Thangkas before discovering his inner artistic voice. He integrated the highly chromatic palette of older Thai masters, and created vibrant compositions that were liberated from the confining dictates of perspective and shading.
His popularity has reached beyond the confines of his native country, and his paintings are highly regarded in the Chinese market, particularly in Hong Kong.

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