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Born Jean-Francois Leme 

French Artist (1953-)


'Boats off the Coast of Pouliguen, Brittany'
Pastel on paper

12 x 12 in.


After having studied architecture and interior design at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Nantes, Morlaine devoted himself to working in watercolor and guache on his favorite theme, the sea. He was highly successful and had exhibitions in Belgium, England, Holland, and throughout France. 

In 1994, he discovered oil based pastel, a pigment that contained the chromatic intensity and luminosity which gave him the possibility of creating highly saturated and diaphanous compositions. Moraline’s use of vibrant color, exaggerated perspective and bold gestural ‘brushwork’  contributes to a rhythmic energy that radiates out of his compositions.  The breezy spontaneity of his pastels reveal his virtuosic command of the medium, and the pulsating pattern of his brilliant cascades of color intensifies the drama and turbulence of his work as he gradually moves towards expressive abstraction.

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