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Louis Neillot

French Artist (1898-1973)

'Provence Landscape in the Spring'

Oil on Canvas dated 1924

22 x 26 inches



Museum of Modern Art, Petit Palais, Musee Carnavalet, Paris; Musees de Lyon, Tours, Le Havre, Orleons, Vichy, France.


In Praise of Neillot, by J. Bouret.  Manuel Brucker Editions, Paris, 1975.

Catalogue Raisonne, published by J. Constantin and C. Manigand, Paris, 1977

Neillot came from a family or florists and gardeners, which explains his passion for landscape and still life painting. He worked at the artists' colony La Ruche iin Paris from1928 to1934, and was given a major retrospective at the Salon des Independants in1932 where he was awarded the prestigious 'Prix Blumenthal'.  His paintings were regularly exhibited at the Salon d'Automne and the Salon des Tuileries in Paris, and international acclaim led to major shows at the International Gallery in Chicago, the Gallery of Contemporary Art in New York, as well as in Detroit, Los Angeles, Berlin, Toronto and Brussels.

Neillot is considered the last of the Fauve artists, who favored juxtaposing areas of pure, saturated color to add vibrancy and rhythmic energy to his compositions.  He studied the works of Post Impressionists, and was especially indebted to Cezanne, whose palette of earth tonalities and highly structured compositions greatly influenced Neillot.  His colleague Valtat claimed that Neillot's paintings were 'energetic, vibrant yet poetic, visually captivating yet deeply engaging.' 

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