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Lia Porto


 Argentine painter Lia Porto explores the pulsating organic forms and vibrant color scheme of her native Patagonia in this exhilarating composition.  Her gestural brushwork accompanies the viewer into an idyllic landscape replete with dense vegetation:  brilliant dabs of fluorescent orange and silver pigment add rhythmic energy to the undulating flowers, as striated branches struggle to push their way to the surface of the painting.  Parakeets and exotic birds hide within the vegetation, highlighted in brilliant tonalities of copper and gold.  Patches of blue sky peak out from behind this Garden of Eden, adding an element of depth and airiness to this lush composition. 

Porto encourages the viewer to give flight to his or her imagination, leaving symbolism aside and creating a window onto a paradise whose bold and luminous colors heighten the emotional intensity of the work. Her work can be found in many  private collections around the world.

Argentinian Painter (1969-)

'Imaginary Forest'

Oil on canvas

52 x 72 in. 



Saatchi Gallery, London

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