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Jules Rene Herve

French Artist (1887-1981)

'Les Bouqinistes'
Oil on canvas

8.5 x 10 in.


Musee Luxeuil, France

Jules Rene Herve's delicate and refined depictions of the daily activities of urban and country dwellers rapidly earned him a reputation as a keen observer of life. Herve spent his adolescent years painting scenes from his hometown village,Langres, including its bustling cafes, solemn religious ceremonies and festive bucolic outings. He left to study painting in Paris with Fernand Corman and Jules Adler, exhibiting his work at the Salon des Artistes Francais in Paris and being awarded the Silver Medal in 1914 and the Gold Medal in 1925.
Paris offered Herve a seemingly endless array of subject matter,fromthebouquinistes along the Seine to the galleries of paintings in the Louvre, from the children playing in the Luxembourg gardens to the animated market stalls in Les Halles. His Parisian paintings, full of charm and sensitivity, reflect the vibrancy and timeless beauty of a city that he never grew tired of depicting. Herve's paintings are full of charm and sensitivity, and reflect his keen sense of observation. He succeeds in seizing fleeting moments in time and capturing their essence through a lyrical use of light and a lush palette of color.

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