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Jules Marie Auguste Leroux

After having won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1894, Leroux came to Paris and exhibited his work at the Salon des Artistes Francais who awarded him an Honorary Membership in 1904. He obtained the Bronze Medal at the highly acclaimed Exposition Universelle de Paris in 1900, having competed against the work of many distinguished artists from around the world. Leroux excelled at portraiture and the study of the female form.  

Although the compositional structure of his work is highly academic, his diffused brushstrokes and bright palette of colors are infused with light and reflect his mastery of Impressionistic and Post Impressionistic technique. His intimate studies of women, whether they be nudes, dressmakers or ballerinas, are sensual and full of lyricism. Leroux also produced brilliant illustrations for literary works by Alphonse Daudet, Gustave Flaubert, Goethe, Guy de Maupassant, Balzac and Jules Verne. 

(1871 - 1954)
Oil on canvas, 17.5 x 21 in


'Enfant Endormi' , Musee d'Art Moderne, Paris, France
'Le Commandant Baron Joseph de Teil', Musee de Saint Omer, France
'Samson et Delilah', Musee de Bayeux, France
Musee Victor Hugo, Paris, Franc
'Etude de Nu', Musee de Dijon, France

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