Jean Pesce 

French Artist (1926-   )


Oil on Board dated 1960

18 x 24 in.


Pesce's luscious depiction of Venice, known as Serenissima, reverberates with intense coloration and rhythmic energy.  As forms flatten against the surface of the painting, a canary yellow sky combines with lush pinks to add vibrancy to the pictorial surface.  The light that illuminates the work from within is indicated by a series of mysterious, diagonal shadows that add movement and depth to the composition.

Pesce's use of complementary colors - pink and green, yellow and magenta- contribute to the chromatic intensity of the work.  Saturated colors combine with the curving, exuberant forms of the gondolas to suggest passion and turbulence.  Gestural brushwork infuses the composition with animated vibrancy, suggesting the immediacy of the artist's observations.

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