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Pesce, Jean.jpg

Jean Pesce 

French Artist (1926-   )


Oil on Board dated 1960

18 x 24 in.


Pesce's illustrious carrer can be measured by the number of Grand Prizes and Honorary Medals that he received during his lifetime.  In 1979, he was awarded the Grand Prix de la Fondation Ricart, followed by the Grand Prix du Salon d'Automne de Marseille in 1982.  He received the Silver Medal from the Societe Academique des  Arts in 1983, and the Medaille du Ministre de la Culture in Paris in 1980,  He had one man shows at the Galerie Pierre-Helene Grossi in 2004, at the Galerie des Arches in Paris in 2002, at the Galerie du Tigre du Papier in Marseille in 1979, and was in a group show at the XI Salon des Arts in 1995.

Pesce's luscious depiction of Venice, known as La Serenissima, reverberates with intensity and rhythmic energy.  As forms flatten against the surface of the canvas, a canary yellow sky adds a counterpoint of color and contributes to the vibrancy of the pictorial surface.  The light emanates from within the work thanks to white pigment that outline forms, and appears as a series of mysterious, diagnonal shadows that add depth and movement to the composition.  Saturated blues, magentas, greens and blacks combine with  the curving forms of the gondolas to suggest passion and turbulence.  Gestural brushwork infuses the work with rhythmic energy and transmits the immediacy of the artist's observations.

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