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Jean Berrieres

French Artist (XXth cent.)

'Barques au Lac du Bois de Boulogne' dated 1937
Oil on canvas 

23 x 29.5 in.

Beniere’s artistic output reflects a synthesis of the most important art movements of the first half of the XXth century.  His knowledge of Impressionism impacted his use  of light on the dissolution of color and form.  His palette  of radiant colors that shimmer on the surface of the canvas, as well as his use of complementary tonalities adds movement and depth to his work. Beniere’s well defined, lateral  brushstrokes,  borrowed from Post Impressionism, construct a cohesive composition while adding vibrancy and luminosity to  pictorial surface.

His inspiration comes from his beloved Paris, its busy street life, luxuriant parks and colorful peniches that make their home along the banks of the Seine.  He participated in numerous Parisian salons, and this particular work was chosen to be exhibited at the prestigious and highly selective Salon des Artistes Francais in 1937.

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