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Jan Vochoc

Jan Vochoc actively travelled throughout Europe, depicting the animated urban life not only of his beloved Prague, but of Paris, Rome and Madrid.  His artistic style embodies the sun drenched hues of Impressionism as well as the bold, contrasting colors of Post Impressionism.

Vochoc keenly observed the Parisian ‘elegantes’ or elegantly clad bourgeois ladies stroll along the boulevards, parasol in hand and fashionably coiffed.  He would spend  his afternoons  in the Parisian park, sketching  children in starched dresses and wide bonnets playing under the watchful eye of their nannies.

He depicted a world of elegance, innocence and beauty in a city that he soon adopted as his second home.

Czech Artist (1865-1920)


'Jardin du Luxembourg'

Oil on Canvas

13 x 18 in.

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