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Hermine David

French Artist (1886-1970)


"Provencal Landscape'

Oil on Board

23.5 x 29 in. 




Phillips Collection, Wash. D.C.

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco

Rose Art Museum, Mass.

Tate Gallery, London

Ateneum Museum, Helsinki

Petit Palais, Geneva

Museum of Modern Art, Luxemburg Museum, Paris.



Mad. Benoit: Hermine David: Peintre et Graveur de l'Ecole de Paris, Ed. Jean Paul Villain, Paris, 2006

David was a prominent member of the Ecole de Paris, which consisted of artists from all over the world who converged to Paris, a city that was considered the artistic and cultural capital of the world during the first half of the XXth century.  She studied at the Julian Academy, and befriended Braque, Foujita, Picasso, Kisling, Gris, Vlaminck, and her future husband, Jules Pascin.  The couple moved to New York in 1914, and were highly successful in selling their paintings to an American market that had recently been introduced to European Modernism.   David was awarded the prestigious Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur in Paris in 1932.

David’s loose, painterly style and flattened pictorial surface owes much to Raoul Dufy.   Her airy, luminous landscapes composed of application of thin, stain-like washes, are infused with breezy spontaneity.  The immaterial freshness of David’s chromatic sense, in her depiction of the lush foliage, vibrant ochre roof tops or changing tonalities of the Mediterranean sky, reveals her virtuosic command of art.

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