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Henri Marie Charry 

French Artist (1878-1962)

'Night Scene in Paris'

Oil on board

6 x 9 inches


After having studied at various art academies in Paris, Charry was honored by being selected a member of the prestigious 'Societe des Artistes Francais'.  As such, he was invited to exhibit his sculpture and paintings at the annual Salons hosted by the organization as of 1913.

Charry was highly influenced by the Post Impressionists, who emphasized the use of light and color to heighten the emotional content of their work.  In his cafe scene, Charry applies loose, gestural brushwork to add movement and ambiance to this spirited scene.  His bright circles of red and bluish whites land like notes of music on the picturial surface, adding vibrancy and lyricism to the composition.  One luminous spot draws the eye into the painting, and focuses the viewer's attention on the wine bottles and the seated figures who are enjoying the night's festivities.

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