Henri Joseph

Constant Dutilleux

Dutilleux was the great grandfather of the renown French composer Henri Dutilleux.  He studied with the great master of the Barbizon School, Camille Corot, who considered him as a confident and family member.  He started to exhibit his work at the Salon in 1834 and continued until 1866, displaying elaborate still life paintings, lush landscapes  and intimate interior scenes.  He was a close friend of Delacroix, who gifted his last painting to Dutilleux, but it was Corot who had the most profound influence on his compositions, whose structural form and choice of color palette echo so well Corot that it is often difficult to distinguish the works of one from the other.

This bucolic landscape in the French region of Fontainebleau, reflects the profound influence that Dutilleux's teacher and close friend, Camille Corot, had on the artist.  The soft light emanating from the cottage, the detailed precision of the foliage and the brilliant transparency of the sky reveal his mastery of the Barbizon School,  whose  painters  were inspired to depict the lush countryside around Paris.The work is not signed, but comes with a certificate of authenticity from the expert of Camille Corot, Martin Dieterle.



French Artist (1807-1865)


'Barbizon Landscape'  

Oil on wooden panel

12 x 17 in. 




Musee d'Orsay

Musee du Louvre, Paris ;

Musees de Montpellier, Amiens, Arras, Tournai, France. 

Art Institute of Chicago. 


Schurr: Dictionnaire des Petits Maitres de la Peinture: 1820-1920. Editions de l'Amateur, 1996. 

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