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Schorbon, Genevieve.jpg

Genevieve Schorbon

French Artist  (XXth cent.) 


'Awaiting the Arrivals'

 Oil on Canvas 

20 x 26 inches



Galerie des Beaux Arts, Bordeaux

Documentation, Fonds Marc Vaux, Centre

Pompidou, Paris, France

The introduction of the railway system in France during the second half of the XIXth century gave city dwellers from the working classes, the opportunity easily to get out of their urban environment and enjoy the joys of the French countryside.  Artists traveled with their tubes of paint, palette and easel, discovering that painting ‘al fresco’ was a wonderful alternative to the studio. It allowed them to capture the essence of a moment in time, with its changing light and tonalities.

Schorbon exhibited at the XIth Salon des Independents in Bordeaux in 1933 alongide Utrillo, Valadon and l'Hote.  Like many Impressionists (particularly Monet),  she was drawn to trains stations as they embodied the New Industrial Age. Luminescent hues of smoke in the air, the atmospheric quality creation by the dissolution of color and matter ny light, and the continual movement of the trains all contribute to the highly evocative nature of this composition.

The artist's use of exaggerated  diagonals heightens the emotional impact of the scene, whereas her palette of greys, blues and blacks reveals the grittiness of the environment.  Splashes of red pigment fall like notes on the canvas, adding lyricism to nuanced and painterly qulaity of the painting.  The combination of the immediacy of the artist’s observations and the paintings' ephemeral imagery both translate into a highly emotive and expressive force.

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