Genevieve Schorbon

French Artist  (XXth cent.) 


'Awaiting the Arrivals'

 Oil on Canvas 

20 x 26 inches


The introduction of trains in France during the second half of the XIXth century gave Parisians from the working classes, the opportunity to get out of their urban envrionment for the first time and enjoy the joys of the French countryside.  Artists traveled with their tubes of paint, palette and easel, discovering that painting ‘al fresco’ was a wonderful alternative to the studio. 

Schorbon, like many Impressionist artists before her, was particularly intrigued by the train stations themselves – the color of the smoke dissolving in the air, the impact of light on the atmosphere around the stations, and the steady, continual movement of trains in and out of the station  Her use of exaggerated  diagonals heightens the emotional impace of the composition, whereas her palette of greys, blues and blacks reveals the grittiness of the new industrial age.  Splashes of red pigment fall like notes on the canvas, adding a lyrical quality to nuanced and painterly style of the painting.  There is a sense of immediacy of the artist’s observations that contributes to the radiant, deeply engaging quality of the work.

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