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Gaetano Capone 

Italian Artist (1845-1920)

'On the Pier' 
Oil on canvas

20 x 30 in


Capodimonte Museum, Naples, Italy

Gaetano Capone was born in Majori, a province of Salerno, Italy, in 1845 and died in New York in 1920. He studied fine arts in Naples and Rome under the direction of Cesar Fracassini, and was awarded the coveted 'Chevalier de la Couronne d'Italie' for his outstanding artistic achievement.
Capone drew inspiration from his native country in the depiction of colorful port scenes and the animated street and market scenes of Naples. He imbues his work with the brilliant sunlight of the Mediterranean coast, creating compositions that are nostalgic yet full of charm and a pictorial surface that is vibrant in color and that tonal contrasts.


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