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Gabriel Emile Edouard Nicolet


Nicolet's representation of a conversation in the cool shade of plane trees is rendered in shimmering, warm tonalities that convey the heat of a lazy afternoon in the south of France. Although originally from Switzerland, his training at the art academies in Paris and Dusseldorf, combined with his study of French Impressionism is reflected in the dramatic use of light in his composition, as well as the breezy spontaneity of his brushwork which contributes to the serene radiance of the pictorial surface.
His work was received with critical
acclaim, and was exhibited in New York in 1916. Nicolet was awarded the honorary Medal of the Belgian Government in 1878, followed by the prestigious Silver Medal at the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. His paintings can be found in numerous private collections worldiwide, as well as in the collection of the Dusseldorf Art Museum in Germany.

French Artist (1856-1921)

'Under the Plane Trees' 
Oil on wood

9.5 x 13 in.

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