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Frederic Jomouton

Belgian Artist (1858- 1920)


'Elegante dans un Cafe' 
Oil on wood 

7 x 14 in.


Museum of Naumur, Belgium

The Belgium artist Jomouton studied painting at the Art Academy in Naumur and started exhibiting his work at the Triennale Exhibition in Naumur in 1886. He later participated in all of the major art shows throughout Belgium including a show in Charleroi in 1911. In November, 1921, a major exhibition was devoted to the artist encompassing over fifty oils and twenty five watercolors.
Jomouton rapidly developed a reputation as a foremost painter of landscapes and intimate interior scenes depicting everyday life in his native country. His close attention to detail combined with his lyrical interpretation of color and composition, combine to create an overall
pictoral surface that is dynamic yet cohesive in design. His palette is reminiscent of his XIX century colleagues, with luminous reds and oranges highlighting a more subdued tonality. 

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