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Francois Gall

French Artist (1912-1987)


'In the Theater Box'

Oil on canvas,

13 x 18 in.



Municipal Museum, Paris

Museum of Modern Art, Vienna

 Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest


Pierre Imbourg: Francois Gall, Ed. Houston, 1960.

Andre Flament: Francois Gall, Ed. Vision sur les Arts, 1977.


Having arrived from his native Hungary, Gall quickly enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris where he met Picasso and Derain.  His artistic talent was immediately recognized at the Salon des Artistes Francais, which awarded him the coveted Gold Medal in 1949.  He had one man shows at the prestigious Durand-Ruel and Berheime- Jeune galleries in Paris in 1949, followed by the Marlborough gallery in London.  He exhibited his work with great success all over the world, from Italy to Spain, Austria, Germany, Canada, Russia Belgium and the United States.

Gall had a predilection for portraiture, often using his children as models.  His luminous palette of delicate hues adds a soft glow to the pictorial surface, and his painterly approach and reduction of detailed characteristics contributes to the expressiveness of his work.  The emotional connection with his subject matter contributes to the intimacy to his serenely radiant compositions.

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