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Ferenc Gaal

Hungarian  Artist (1891-1956)

'In the Park, Budapest'

Oil on canvas

22.5 x 33 inches

$ 8,500

Gaal pursued his studies in painting at the prestigious Budapest Art Academy.  He travelled to Italy, France and Germany, eager to copy the master paintings in the major museums, and to befriend many artists who partook in some of the major art movements of the early XXth century.

Has particularly intrigued by Post- Impressionism which, like Impressionism, emphasized the effect of light on color and matter.  It also introduced intense coloration and an atmospheric rendering to the subject matter at hand.  Gaal exhibited successfully all over Europe and moved to the U.S. in 1951.

The artist’s depiction of a bright spring day in the park is bathed in sunshine, conveying a specific quality of light that permeates the entire composition.  The soft pink shadows cast on the dirt path underlie the immaterial freshness of Gaal’s chromatic sense.  The richness of his palette and a reduction in detail contribute to the nuanced, painterly aspect of the pictorial surface.  Bright tonalities of saturated reds, blues and greens add structure and rhythm, while his sketchy brushwork infuse this expressive composition with lyricism and emotive force.

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