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Emile Caignart 

(1851 - 1911)
Foret de Fontainebleau 
Watercolor on paper


'Crepuscule' , Musee de Perigueux, France
'Le Soleil et la Neige, Vue des Environs
de Paris', Musee des Beaux Arts
de Rouen, France
'Environs de Rouen, le Soir '
Musee de Toulouse, France

Emile Cagniart studied art in Paris with the painter Antoine Guillemet, and presented his first works at the Salon de Paris in 1877. His views of animated Parisian street scenes, colorful sailboats off the Brittany coast, and snow dappled landscapes at dusk won him critical acclaim throughout Europe.  

Cagniart was known foremost as a pastellist and watercolorist, mediums that contribute to the spontaneity and transparency of his works. His colors are muted, and softer tones are used to add intimacy and depth to his compositions. His use of light to dilute color and form is highly impressionistic, and he sacrifices detail in order to imbue his art with lyricism and harmony.

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