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Maclet, Elysee.jpg

Elisee Maclet

French Artist (1881-1962)


'Notre Dame de Paris' ca 1910

Oil on Board

25 x 19 In. 



Musee d’Orsay,

Musee d’Art Moderne de Paris, France

Museum of Fine Arts Boston,

Kimball Art Museum, Forth Worth, Texas

Art Institute of Chicago.



Schurr: Dictionnaire des Petits Maitres,1996.

Before Purchasing?

Maclet moved to Montmartre in 1906 and began an illustrious career in painting, first as a decorator of the famed Moulin Rouge, and then by selling his paintings directly to local merchants on the Butte Montmartre.  He worked side by side with many artists from the Ecole de Paris, including Picasso, Max Jacob, Maurice Utrillo and Appollinaire at the Bateau Lavoir. His pre WW I works exude simplicity and an expressive palette of colors, with form flattening against the surface of the painting.  He adds angles and perspectives, reductions and abstractions, and emphasizes surface texture in his depictions of Parisian street scenes, important architectural monuments and barges drifting along the Seine.

An American dealer, Hugo Persall, introduces his work in the U.S., while important French dealers are giving him one man shows.  The lyrical quality of his painting lies in the emotional expressiveness conveyed through his application of vibrant colors against a muted background, like notes of music on a white page. 



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