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Charles Albert Burlingame

American Artist (1860-1930)

'Autumn Rhapsody'

Oil on Canvas 

14 x 17 in. unfr.;  21 x 25 in. fr.


Bulingame was first and foremost an American Impressionist and studied with the renown Hudson River School painter Edward Moran.  He was also taught by professor J.B.Whittaker at the Adelphi Academy, where he won the prestigious Gold Medal in 1890.  In the 1890’s, Burlingame moved to Brooklyn formed the Society of Brooklyn Painters with fellow artists with whom he lived and worked. He exhibited extensively, and his work was received to great acclaim by the American public.

Burlingame’s lyrical, atmospheric landscape conveys a feeling of peace and quietude.  The setting sun sets ablaze the distant sky, with dabs fiery yellow defining the horizon line and setting the tree branches aglow with radiant luminosity.  The reflective quality of the water adds depth and transparency to the pictorial surface, and the pale coloration of the fading sky contrasts with the vivid earth tonalities of the autumnal foliage.

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