Carlos Samonte

Samonte was admitted into the prestigious Academia San Alejandro, and later into the Insituto Superior de Arte in Havana. He has painted with his brother Ricardo, in a style that resembles photo-realism, depicting the lush landscape around Cuba. Like many Cuban artists, Samonte seeks to convey the need for creating a harmonious relationship between man and nature, Samonte has exhibited his paintings at the Edificio Jerusalem in Havana, as well as numerous galleries throughout Cuba.
His minute and highly detailed depiction of the lush foliage and trees reflected in the the luminous body of water transport the viewer into a serene yet radiant landscape. The intense coloration of the evenly applied pigments ad vibrancy to the pictorial surface, contributing to serene quality of the composition. The work is highly nuanced and lyrical, and Samone reveals in his lyrical depiction of the Vignales mountains a virtuosic command of art.

Cuban Artist (1991 -)

Oil on canvas

23.5 x 31 in. 


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