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Cafiero Filippeli

(1889 - 1973)
Oil on canvas, 9.5 x 14 in

Filipelli, a native of Livorno, Italy, was a painter of genre scenes, nudes, landscapes, interiors, figures and animated street scenes of his favorite cities, Paris, Venice and Livorno. His work was inspired by Post-Impressionism in his use of strong tonality as well as contrasts of color which add movement and depth to picture surface. 
His paintings succeed in rendering a highly personal, atmospheric effect by the scarcity of detail and the dissolution of color as it recedes into the background of his work. His urban scenes reflect a keen sense of observation as well as heartfelt emotion, which together poetically render realistic observations of everyday life.  
He had a particular affinity for children, whom he portrayed swinging on branches, playing in the sand or alongside their mothers; the tenderness he displays reflects his nostalgia for a more innocent and carefree period of his life.

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