Maurice Brianchon

French Artist (1899-1979)


'Tuilerie Gardens, Paris'

Oil on canvas,

16 x 16 in.





Museum of Modern Art, Paris

Museum of Fine Art, Honfleur, Nantes, Avignon, Albi, Belfort, France

 Musee du Petit Palais, Geneva

Museum of Rotterdam

Hermitage Foundation, Lausanne.



Marcel Zahar: Maurice Brianchon, Ed, Pierre Caller, Paris, 1949.

Masataka Ogawa: Maurice Brianchon,  Zauho Press, Tokyo, 1972.

O. Daulte et P.A. Brianchon: Catalogue de l’Oeuvre Peint, Ed. Bibliotheque des Arts, Laussanne, 2008


Brianchon was a student at the prestigious Ecole des Arts Decoratifs, and became a professor there in 1936.  Although he designed theater and ballet decors as well as book illustrations, he is best known for his intimate and highly atmospheric paintings of the parks, marketplaces and street life of Paris.  Even though his drawings were motif based, he primarily worked in his studio transcribing onto canvas the work from his sketchbook.

The artist’s compositions are lyrical expressions of a nostalgia he felt for a bygone era.  His application of nuanced tonalities contrast with forms that flatten against the surface of the picture plane.   The light and immaterial freshness of Brianchon’s chromatic sense add to the poetic nature of the subject matter, and his harmonious compositions reveal a temporal quality that heightens their sense of beauty and contemplation.

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