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Arthur Egeli

Egeli s love of music translates into a highly lyrical interpretation of architectural forms in his paintings. His radiant palette of tonalities is enhanced by his uncanny use of light which dissolves structural matter and creates an overall diaphanous pictorial surface. The diagonal thrust of the bridge is reminiscent of the XIXth century Japanese prints, which emphasize emotional content through the dramatic angularity of subject matter. The structure appears to float on the surface of the canvas, exuding the warmth and clarity of a California sunset.
Egeli comes from three generations of artists who originally arrived in the US from Norway. He received a Creative Arts Scholarship at the University of Maryland, and studied color with a teacher steeped in Impressionism. His grandfather provided Egeli with a more rigid, classical training, enabling him to develop his own style by combining light and form in order to create images that reveal more than the objects they depict. He moved to California, which has a rich tradition of plain air painting, where he has won numerous prestigious awards. His work is in the corporate collection of McGraw-Hill in New York.

American Artist (1965-)

'Misty Morning on the Colorado St. Bridge'
Oil on canvas

12 x 16 in.


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