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Arieh Alweil

Israeli Artist (1901-1967)

'Galilee Landscape'

Oil on Board

21 x 21 in.



Mishkan Museum of Ein Harod, Israel: 

Arieh Alweil: Letters,  Figures, Landscapes.



Gaila Bar Or: Arieh Alweil: Letters, Figures, Landscapes, publ. Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Spring, 2015.

Alweil was born in Galicia and studied at the art academy  in Vienna where he joined the ‘Kunstchau’ group- of artists that had formed around Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.  He exhibited with them in the 1920’s, and emigrated to Palestine in 1926.  He was one of the founders of the Tel Aviv  Art Museum and the Midrasha Art Teachers College in Israel.

His richly colored, pictorial landscape paintings reflect his deep emotional ties to his adopted country.  His compositions are lyrical tapestries woven of muted earth tonalities that evoke a dreamlike vision of a land rich with biblical references.   Alweil remained very politically active during his life in Israel, and utilized his skills in printing, engraving, publishing and painting to express his heartfelt devotion to his newly adopted homeland

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