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Anton Filkuka

Austrian Artist (1888 - 1957)

'Seated Young Girl' 
Oil on cardboard

29.5 x 31.5 in.



Historical Museum, Vienna, Austria. 

Filkuka was born in Vienna and studied at the prestigious Arts Academy in Vienna. His paintings were exhibited to great acclaim at the Kunstlerhaus and at the Albrecht Durer-Bund in Vienna. During his lifetime, he was awarded the coveted Honorary Golden Albrecht Durer Medal and received the distinguished title of Professor.
Filkuka is a classicist in every sense of the word, adapting a more formal, academic style to his portraits, landscapes, and genre paintings. His color harmonies are methodically calculated, and the richness of his palette adds light and sensuality to his composition. His descriptive works fall very neatly into the realm of realistic representation, and his use of light as a modulator of color and transparency underscores his deep understanding of the techniques of Impressionism. His bold, tonal contrasts and use of overall color for spatial definition reflects his mastery of technique and composition.

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