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Andre Krafft

Krafft started exhibiting his watercolors in Paris as of 1930, and had a successful career as an artist. His themes revolved around landscapes and seascapes, but after World War II, he decided to concentrate exclusively on depictions of Paris: the majestic bridges of Paris, bustling marketplaces and important architectural monuments of the city. 

Krafft has chosen one of the most iconic images of Paris: the oldest bridge, the Pont Neuf. Its arches add rhythm and structure to the composition, and the juxtaposition of diagonal strokes of color on the surface of the barge lead the eye into the pictorial space.

The artist was inspired by Signac's watercolors in his loose treatment of the sky, vegetation and water; clouds are suggested by the use of a palette of blues and whites, and graphite delineates the leafy forms of the trees. THe work is highly atmospheric and lyrical, a vivid portrayal of a timeless city. 

French Artist (1911-1986)


'Barges near the Pont Neuf, Paris '

Watercolor and Graphite on Paper

 10 x 13 in.


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