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Paul Gaston Ambille

French Artist (1930-2010)


'Bridge of Sighs, Venice'  

Oil on Canvas

33 x 36 in.



Musees de Paris, Rouen, Fontainebleau, Cherbourg, France.  Museum of Contemporary Art, Teheran, Iran,

Villa Medicis, Rome, Italy,

Municipal Museum of Kobe, Japan.


Ambille. Editions Frequents, Paris. 

Paul Ambille by Guy Vignoht.

Following his successful artistic studies at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris, Ambille won the coveted Grand Prix de Rome in 1955 and left to study the great Italian Renaissance masters.  His style evolved from a formal and precise linear format to densely saturated, luminous compositions built up of multiple layers of stain like washes that appear to float on the surface of the canvas. 

Ambille never outlines his figures or forms, and injects a lyrical quality to his work.  One critic noted that ‘his painting is expressed in a register with vibrant colors. Objects that his art captures are seen through a veil, and one cans even say that they are dreamed,as they are fluid, trembling, embodying the quintessence of their poetic imagery'.  Representation mingles with abstraction, enticing the viewers to explore the composition and discover the hidden magic in his work.

Ambille won numerous awards during his lifetime, including the Gold Medal at the  Italian and French Contemporary Art Salons in Paris and Rome in 1972 and 1958, as well as the Grand Prix de l’Institut de France in 1976.  His works can be found in major art collections all over the world.

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