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Alyson Fendel Breier

American Artist (1955-)


'Yellow Overlook' (upper left) 36 x 36 in.

Oil on Canvas



'Central Park Sunrise' (upper right) 20 x 30 in.

Oil on Canvas



'Winter Road' (middle left) 18 x 23 in.

Pastel on Paper



'Blue Path' (middle right) 18 x 12 in.

Oil on Canvas 


'Symphony in Pink' (lower left) 12 x 16 in. 

Oil on Canvas


'Autumn in Central Park' (lower right) 12 x 16 in.

Oil on Canvas



Alyson Fendel Breier started painting and exhibiting her work at the age of eight, and has continued to do so over the course of her lifetime.  She studied with the iconic painter Wolf Kahn, as well as with Peter Golfinopoulis, Lucy Reitzfeld, Peter Homizky and Knox Martin in the U.S., and with Jerry Fresia in Italy.  She is a member of the National Association of Women Artists and an Associate Member of the Audubon Artists Society.  Her painting 'Five II' received the Clifford Young Memorial Award for Oil Painting at the Society's 67th National Exhibition, and she has also exhibited at the Hoadley Gallery in Lenox Mass.

The artist’s moody, very painterly renditions of a wooded area in autumn, a spring day in Central Park or a vibrant still life are constructed through the use of golden tonalities and gestural brushwork.  As forms flatten against the surface of the painting, the luminous hues of the radiant sky or rhythmic  tree trunks add depth and movement to the pictorial surface.  The artist maintains a crucial balance between abstraction and representation, between non objectivity and realism while imbuing the work with lyricism and emotional intensity.

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