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Alice Dannenberg

Rusian Artist (1861- 1933)

'Jardin du Luxembourg' 
Oil on canvas

20 x 24 in.


'La Lessive de la Poupee', Riga Museum, Latvia
Musee des Beaux Arts de Nice, France

Danenberg was born in Annenberg, Russia, and traveled to Paris in order to study painting. She participated in the Salon d'Automne as of 1919, and exhibited her works at the Retrospective des Artistes Independants in 1926. She was a member and active participant of the Salon des Tuileries and the Salon de la Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts, and was exhibited in galleries throughout Europe and the U.S.
Danenberg's depiction of Parisian park scenes, still lifes and genre paintings were inspired by both Impressionism and
Post Impressionism. Her use of dappled sunlight on a palette of vivid colors adds luminosity and vibrancy to the picture surface. Her paintings of the Luxembourg and Monceau gardens in Paris are nostalgic in their depiction of babies in push chairs, circumspect nannies and children in wide bonnets playing in the park.

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